About Our Lashes

Mink lashes were once a well-kept celebrity beauty secret, but are now available to every woman in the world! They are full, luscious, wispy and absolutely amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen before. You will never go back to wearing traditional, stiff and rigid synthetic lashes!

We are confident you will love Peekaboo Lashes for the following reasons:

  • Peekaboo Lashes are much safer than eyelash extensions: no cancer-causing formaldehyde compounds
  • These lashes are 100% genuine Siberian mink fur, giving you the wispiest, lightest and fluffiest lashes
  • Mink hair is collected from the natural shedding cycles of the mink animal from free - range farms, which are then sterilised to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear
  • 100% cruelty free - absolutely no harm is done to the animals
  • They are free from any kind of dyes and chemical processing, leaving a natural black-brown glossy finish
  • If properly cared for and stored, Peekaboo Lashes can be used up to an amazing 30 times compared to just 5 times with traditional synthetic lashes
  • With a light handcrafted cotton band, application is easy and allows for the most comfortable wear - no more pinching and no more heavy eyes!
  • Combined with their natural beautiful curls, these lashes give your eyes a natural lift - you will often be asked if the lashes are your own
  • Each strand is naturally tapered for a beautiful, natural look as close to real lashes as you can get
  • No mascara or eyeliner required!
  • Each pair of gorgeous mink eyelashes come in a tough-wearing case that makes storing easy and what’s more, it is made from 100% eco - friendly materials


Virtually indistinguishable from human eyelashes, each individual strand is ultra-soft, naturally tapered, lightweight and stays beautifully curled. The result - the most naturally alluring, softest, wispiest and luxurious lashes you will ever experience!