How to Apply & Care


Ensure your lids are free from oil - you can mattify them with oil blotting sheets or sweep a mattifying powder over them first.

Be careful while taking your beautiful lashes out so that they do not tear or damage - it is easier to lift the excess 'tab' from either end of the lashes with a pair of tweezers. Bend the lash band by wiggling it back and forth between your fingers in a U-shape to loosen.

Measure your Peekaboo Lashes so that it fits the length of your natural lash line and trim to desired eye length. Usually we recommend users cut just short of the natural length of the eye as this will provide an easier application and will prevent the band from poking the inner corner of your eyes.

Curl your natural lashes and apply mascara if needed prior to application.

Apply thin band of glue on the lash line of the Peekaboo Lashes and wait for glue to become tacky. This is key!

With the help of tweezers (holding it in the middle of the band) or with your fingers, place the Peekaboo Lashes on top of your natural lash line. Ensure you do not place the inner side too close to inner corner of your eye. Push down gently on outer end first and then gently coax inner end down onto lash line. It is normal for the other end to lift slightly as you do this. Secure lash by pushing down towards your lash line and refrain from moving the lash too much and give it time to set. Patience is key!

After the glue has set, use the end of tweezers to gently push them into your lash line to further secure them on. You can then go over the lash line with eyeliner to cover any gaps. Enjoy your stunning Peekaboo Lashes! Don't forget to take a selfie and tag us on Instagram @Peekaboo_weseeyou


Do not pull too hard when removing your lashes.You can also dab some oil-free eye makeup remover along the eyelash band and wait a few seconds for the glue to dissolve. It is important that you remove the lashes from the base/band - do not pull on the lashes, as this will damage them.

Peel or use tweezers to remove any excess glue remaining on the lash band and then use a cotton bud (dabbed in oil-free makeup remover or water) to gently remove any additional glue from your own eyelashes.

Some natural shedding may occur overtime - this is completely normal.

Do NOT soak the mink lashes in water or any other liquid. Soaking them may ruin the style, shape, and curl of the lash.

We highly recommend keeping them in their original casing when you are not wearing them. This will prevent the lashes from collecting dust and bacteria which can ruin the mink fur.

And finally…mascara will ruin the quality of the hair! If mascara is needed, only apply BEFORE your Peekaboo Lashes!